How Do I Know If My Dog Was Walked?

Please be cautious of dog walkers who don’t have a clear answer, beyond, "Trust Me".  We’ve heard many reports of walkers ‘subbing’ out to unknown people, doing shorter walks than agreed upon, or worse, missing the walk altogether.

We have a perfect solution because we want you to have  peace of mind and know that your dog is happy.

We use PetCheck Technology which is all-in-one tool to schedule and track your PupWalks.  You’ll receive a notification when we start and another when we finish.  Even better, you can view where we are walking on your phone, with updates every few minutes! How cool is that?

When we finish the walk we always refill your dog’s water bowl lock your home securely. 

At your free meet-n-greet we will discuss what works best for you.