As dedicated rescue volunteers, we know how many people are touched by the plight of homeless dogs in our communities. There is no shortage of compassionate dog lovers in the Bay Area. However, it is difficult to find more hours in the day to volunteer your time. This is especially true for you, our clients who have full schedules, yet would like to help homeless dogs. 

We've made it easy for you to help and become part of the solution - by donating most of our profits to local rescues. 

We have two goals:  

1) Offer the best possible personalized dog walking service for your dogs at prices you could afford. This is great for both you and your dog.

2) Help save thousands of homeless dogs in California and build a community of dog owners who care.

Here are some shocking facts about the scale of the problem:

The ASPCA (American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals) estimates that there are about 79 million dogs in the US today. 3.9 million of them every year will enter a shelter! Of these dogs 1.2 million will be killed in the 13,600 shelters struggling with this problem. 3,288 every day.

In California there are 300 dog rescue groups saving dogs from overcrowded and underfunded shelters. These rescue groups dedicate their time to getting the dogs ready for adoption and finding caring and committed adopters.

Our approach is simple.  We donate money each month to local rescue groups to help their important work. With more resources, rescue groups can help more dogs leave shelters alive. This is why we are giving most of our surplus revenue to rescues. 

This is a commitment that we hope you can be proud of. By choosing our services, you now have the power to help local rescues directly.  You even get to choose your charity of choice to receive the donation in our monthly draw!

The more dogs we walk, the more dogs we can help. LETS HELP MORE DOGS TOGETHER!

Thank you for caring!  Robin & Rob