The best service starts at just $14.50

The best service at affordable prices. 15 minute walks cost just $14.50 and even better value, 45 minute sessions cost $24 with a full hour for $29.  These are not group or pack walks and there is no minimum walks per week.  We are insured, bonded and licensed. As we don't walk in groups, we can focus on each individual dog challenging their mind as well as their legs. 

Pricing Matrix 2019.png

For a two dog family the price is $22 for 15 minutes, $34 for 45 minutes and $41 for the whole hour. No hidden extras and no 5 walks per week requirement!

if you have 3 or more dogs we will happily help you and provide quotes upon request.

When we arrive at your home we "log in" by scanning a barcode, sending you an email notification.  When the walk finishes we "log out", automatically sending you a second email complete with photos and a route map!  Our clients love this!

On the walk we will undertake basic obedience training amidst the fun and play, your friend will love it. All walks are on leash and we never take your dog to dog parks!

Please compare our prices with other walkers in the Bay Area. You’ll see an average price of $25 for one dog for 30 minutes and two dogs at $40. So in a calendar year with us it will be a win-win for your dog, homeless dogs and your bank account!