Meet our team in Marin

Our team in Marin walks in Sausalito and up the 101 corridor through Mill Valley, Tiburon, Belvedere, Corte Madera, San Rafael and Novato.  We also walk in Fairfax and San Anselmo.

Every one of our walkers has passed administrative interviews, personal reference checks, test-walking, and thorough criminal background checks. Each of our Pupwalkers also has previous experience with dog-handling, customer service, and a positive mind-set.  This makes sure they can work well with you and provide loving care for your dogs! 



Casey lives in Petaluma and walks dogs for us in Novato. You can see her here with Timber.

Casey has multiple years experience working with dogs. She has supervised play groups, administered medications, walked dogs, cleaned kennels and more.

When Casey is not working dogs she’s helping on her parents farm. She has two dogs, Baby Girl a Kelpie PitBull Mix and Rocky the Chihuahua.



Christi lives in Novato and walks our friends mainly in San Rafael, San Anselmo and Novato. 

We were excited when Christi applied to join us in 2017 because here was someone who loves dogs, had dog experience and over 15 years of customer service roles. She was keen to leave behind the corporate life and change to the outdoor world. Yay!

Christi lives with Poppy who is a seven year old Yorkie (you can see them in this picture) .  She also spends quite alot of time each week caring for her mother and doing fun outdoor stuff. 

Over the last year we've had nothing but great comments from her clients and happiness from the dogs!



Christine lives in Petaluma and walks for us in San Rafael and Novato.

Christine was a foster parent for a rescue group. She has been dog sitting and walking for about 20 years. She loves dogs!

When she is not walking dogs Christine loves water painting and calligraphy. She’s one of our most artistic walkers as she also has a degree in classical music and is an opera singer.

We are so happy to have Christine as part of our team!



Eleni joined us in 2017 and walks in San Rafael and Novato.

When we hire new team members we look for previous dog handling experience, pleasant personalities that can get on well with our clients and the desire to work with dogs.

Eleni had been a dog walker for two years.  When we met her we were immediately impressed by her as a person. Since she's been with us, all her clients adore her, as do their dogs!

She lives in Novato and has her own dog, a Lab called Lucky, who is 9.



Grace joined us in 2017 and was an immediate hit with all her dogs and clients.

She’s an animal lover and vegan who volunteers at an animal sanctuary in Nicasio. We became friends!

In 2018 she told us that the owner of the animal sanctuary had offered her a great job. We were sad but excited for her.

Now Grace has returned as she decided that corporate life was not for her - lucky us! She will be walking dogs in northern and central Marin.


Ibarra lives and walks in Southern Marin. Her primary area is Mill Valley, Tiburon and Corte Madera.

When Ibarra applied to join us we were excited to see the first line of her resume”I have always been an animal lover”. Her experience with dogs in her family and previous dog walking and sitting jobs supported the claim.

She is getting rave reviews from all her clients. We are delighted to have her as a part of our team and it seems that her clients and their dogs share the opinion.



Jane lives in Novato and was a client of ours before she started walking.

Jayne is a lifelong dog owner and Lever and also she is into equestrian events.

Prior to joining us she was an assistant dog trainer and volunteer at Marin Humane Society.

She retired from office life and is keen to fill her days being outside with the things she loves a.k.a. dogs.



Lindsey walks our friends in San Rafael, San Anselmo and Corte Madera.

When she applied to join us we were intrigued to learn that she had driven a bus from Missouri to New York and then across to the west coast! We love people who have done unusual and individual things.

She is interested in holistic and natural healing, herbs and natural medicine. 

Lindsey has had several dogs.  Her Husky was called Floki, her Dachshund mixes were Marley & Chico  



Luc Pupwalker grew up with big dogs and lives in Novato..

He has volunteered with rescue groups and his family has fostered over fifty German Shepherds and two Belgian Malinois.  His family have owned 2 German Shepherds, Lurcher and a Bernese Mountain Dog, as well as raising a litter of lost cats.  

Every day he walks his two German Shepherds, one is a large rescued male and the other is a working line female.

Luc walks for us in southern Marin (Mill Valley, Tiburon and Belvedere) and loves photography, travel, Japanese anime and video games.

You can see Luc here with 9 week old Nell who he instantly fell in love with.



When we saw Nataly’s application we were very excited by her experience.

She spent 3 years volunteering with Northern California Family Dog Rescue at adoption events, walking their dogs and working in the kennels and feeding dogs. She then spent nearly a year dog walking with another company and then started work for Animal Internal medical Services. Her goal is to get into veterinary work. She loves dogs and animals!

Nataly walks for us in Southern Marin and we are delighted to have her as part of our team.



We are very happy to have Pam walking in Southern Marin covering Mill Valley, Tiburon, Corte Madera and Sausalito.

Like all of us Pam loves dogs and before joining Pupwalks, was part of a team doing doggy day care including playing, grooming and walking dogs.

We think that Pam is our first walker to have been in the US military. She spent two years in Guam in the medical team, treating soldiers.

You can see her here with Lucy the Bernese Mountain Dog.



Rebecca walks with our friends in Novato.

She has immense experience with dogs. She is currently studying canine learning theory, genetics, ethology, psychology, temperament and body language and more.

Prior to joining us she was a vet assistant and then head technician. She’s been a kennel manager and pet sitter and walker. Needless to say, this is a rare resume.

You will see her driving round her area in her super cool bright yellow truck!

Most important, Rebecca loves her four legged friends and they love her!



We’ve known Richard for many years and he’s the second Brit on our team. He walks our friends in Novato.

Richard has lived with dogs for many years. In the UK he had a Lurcher (large hunting dog related to Greyhounds) and now his family have Lulu a Bernese Mountain Dog and several cats. Richard contacted us asking if he could walk for a few hours a day because he loves dogs and the outdoors and like many of our team, wanted to get fit.

He also runs a website design business and is a keen photographer.



Rob has completed over 3,000 walks for us all across Marin County, walking over 7,000 miles. He's one of our founders and lives in Novato.

He's had many dogs including a Border Collie, Jack Russell, Retrievers, Scottie and 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs before his German Shepherds. He is an active volunteer in rescue, has fostered over 50 dogs and evaluated dogs in shelters.  He founded Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue. 

Rob's other passions are being a dad, photography, cooking and movies.



We'd known Will about 2 years before he asked to join our team.  

He lives in Novato and walks dogs in Southern Marin.

We're excited to have him join our team and you can see him here with his own German Shepherd called Mitch.

When he's not with dogs he's studying Computer Science, playing video games and watching movies.