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about us

My name is April Leite. I am a former Teacher and Early Childhood Care Director. I am now the proud owner of Pupwalks! Pupwalks was directly inspired by my very own beloved Dachshund of eleven years, Frances Peabody.

I worked in Education for nearly two decades. Long hours at work meant long hours away from home and away from Frances. I searched for the perfect dog walker/dog walking service that would provide the same level of attention and quality care that I provided Frances with at home, but to no avail. I quickly realized I wasn't alone in my search - thus the creation of Pupwalks.

After 20 years in Education, I decided to switch careers and create a dogwalking service that offers unique, personalized care for your pup. As in human Child Care, loving and caring "Pup Parents" need to know that their pets are loved and being taken care of in the same manner they themselves provide. At Pupwalks, your Precious Pup is treated as if they were my own. This means  a gentle approach, attention to detail, loyalty, and dedication.  I love what I do! (And Frances is much happier now too!)

In 2016, Pupwalks joined with my husband, Kevin's dog walking service, WestSide Dogs. Together, we now offer the best in care for your pup on both the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


I love Pupwalks! If you are in the NY area, call Pupwalks for dogwalking services!
— Tanya Burgo Ferrera
I would trust April with my puppies any day. She has such a kind heart and a true love for animals...there is no better choice for someone to help take care of your four legged babies :-)
— Lisa C.
April & Pupwalks are the best service for animals in the city. Our two dachsunds love her - probably more than us! She is patient, loving, attentive and always goes the extra mile for us. The notes she leaves us about the dogs and their walks are the highlight of our day!
— Andre Neyrey, Dad to Lulu, Teddy & Charlie


Our Services


Small group WALKs

We offer both 30 minute small group walks and extended 60 minute small group walks. We do not offer private walks as we believe dogs are social animals and really benefit  from regular interaction and the stimulation of meeting their pup buddies. Our small groups are kept to between 2 and 4 dogs at a time to ensure your pup gets individualized attention and is walked safely in the busy NYC environment. Depending on your pup needs we will recommend whether your dog needs a shorter 30 minute walk or whether a longer 60 minute walk might be more beneficial. each dog, depending on their age, size, and breed energy levels has individual needs and we will work with you to ensure your he or she is receiving the best in care and is a happy and healthy pup.

I have known April for many years and truly admire her compassion towards animals. Despite the fact that my Chihuahua can be difficult at times (maybe all the time), April has always treated him with patience, kindness and respect. April’s excellent communication skills, professionalism and general love of animals make her a perfect care taker for anyone’s beloved dog
— Christina Recchio





30-Minute small group Walk

A 30 minute walk will ensure your dog stretches their legs, gets all their business done, gets to the park for some all important sniffing and see their pup buddies which will break up their day nicely. After every walk, a report will be sent via text to each pup parent to let them know what your pup did and when they did it.



*$10 extra charge for any walk scheduled outside of normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) including weekends and holidays.

*Extra dog from same household 50% off.


60-Minute Small group Walk

A 60 minute walk will give your dog ample time to get some good exercise in, get all their business done, have lots of time sniffing and leaving messages for all their buddies. There will even be time to get some playtime in. After a good 60 minute walk your pup will return home fully satisfied, ready for a nap!


Payment is due in full every Friday by cash or check.

April is the BEST! We leave our dogs with her when we go out of town. They love staying with her and sometimes don’t really want to come home. it makes for a much better vacation when you know your pets are well taken care of.
— Doug & Lisa Alderman





Visit Pupwalks on Facebook and read The Adventures of Frances Peabody!

If you live in 10023, 10021 or 10065 in Manhattan, use the form below or call (845) 520-1691 now to schedule your meet and greet with April and Kevin.

Thank you for choosing Pupwalks!