What makes us so different?

5) We Know Our Walkers

Be wary of sites that offer ever changing lists of random dog walkers.  They know very little about their walkers and they are often more expensive, because they have a middle man to feed.

6) We Are Accountable To You

We use PetCheck Technology. In real time you receive texts that show you when we start and finish the walk and provide a route plan and photos!  Your dog is having fun and you can relax.

7) On Hot Days We Respect the Heat

On very hot days we will have a play date and training session with your dog at your home, yard or another cool location. We want your dog to be completely comfortable and have fun!

8) All Of Our Walkers Are Certified

We have studied common medical and behavioral issues. We also use the latest safety equipment such as no-slip double collars and humane dog-deterrent spray for unwanted approaches by other dogs.  We are also completely insured and bonded.

1) Personal service - No group walks

Personalized dog walking. We walk, train and play  with your dog.  We want the walk to satisfy your dog’s body and mind.  If you have a friend who has a dog, we will walk both dogs.  Never more than 2 as we want your dog to feel spoiled, unlike other walkers with groups of dogs.

2) You choose where we donate our profits

Every month we give most of our profits to charities chosen by you. We have a lucky draw and let you know the lucky winner of the “Monthly Treat”!  When we say we love dogs, we mean it! 

3) Free in walk training

How cool would it be if your dog walker improved your dog’s basic obedience, leash manners and worked on basic behavior challenges?  This is what we do and our clients love it too.

4) Safety - We Don’t Do Dog Parks

We know and trust your dog, but we can’t trust others. We will never put your dog at risk in a dog park.  We feel the risk of injury outweighs any potential benefits of dog park play.