what if it's a hot day?

We do not walk our personal dogs or your dogs on hot concrete.  It’s cruel.  Weather in the Bay Area can often reach almost unbearably hot levels and we humans aren’t wearing a fur coat (like our dogs do).

If it’s too hot when we are scheduled to walk we have several other alternatives. If you have a shaded yard, we’ll have a play date with games and training that will exercise your dog’s mind and body.  We can do the same thing in doors as well.  Some owners even have paddling pools and say their dogs love water play (no, your dog won’t come back into the house wet).  Some people live close to sheltered woods and we can utilize those shady areas. 

As always, we refill your dog’s water bowl before we leave.

There are many alternatives in hot weather.  This is one of the topics we’ll discuss at your free meet-n-greet before we start.