Will My Dog Be Safe On Walks?

We do this because we love dogs. Safety is our number one concern for our personal dogs and it remains so for your dog. 

All PupWalkers are trained and experienced dog handlers.  All PupWalkers have passed our dog handling tests, taken doggie health courses, and are able to handle routine events.  

Robin is a former veterinary technician and dog trainer.  Both Robin and Rob have owned and worked with large working breeds like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Rob managed a 140 pound Bernese Mountain Dog and has fostered, trained and walked over 50 German Shepherds. (You can read more about Robin and Rob here).  Animal shelters all across the Bay Area, Sonoma and Mendocino have worked with Rob when they have a new German Shepherd.  

Safety leashes - On walks we use no-slip double leashing. This means that if a dog pulls out of a collar, we have a back up and your dog is safe.

Dog parks - We never take your dog to a dog park. That’s not because we don’t trust your dog, it’s because we don’t know the other dogs.  We prefer to be safe rather than sorry.

Other dogs - We carry humane dog-deterrent sprays that we have only ever used once.  However, should we encounter a stray dog or irresponsible owner, we are prepared.

Positive reinforcement - We train and work with your dog in a constructive environment providing rewards such as treats and/or praise for doing what we humans ask. 

We will discuss safety as part of your free meet-n-greet.