Why choose You versus the family friend, or neighborhood kid?

Many people use friends, kids etc. to walk their dogs. That’s OK, but we offer many major benefits:

Safety - You’re a responsible dog owner, but many others are not!  We have all been walking our dog when a difficult and dangerous situation has occurred. For example, a few months ago, Rob was walking down the street with Case and Ziggy (his personal dogs) when a man released a large male Rottweiler from his home to jump into a truck parked out front.  The dog saw Rob (and his dogs) and charged across the road, straight at them.  We have the experience and training to manage a situation like this where nobody or dogs were hurt.  We would never put a friend’s child in harm’s way by asking them to handle potentially dangerous situations, while walking our dogs.  

Training - Pupwalkers are committed dog lovers who are trained and certified and offer a degree of care and service that the neighbor’s kid just can’t.  We offer in-walk training that helps your Pup.

Availability - We are there for you and your dog 52 weeks a year, not just vacations. 

Health - PupWalkers are trained to respond in the rare case of a medical issue or even an emergency with your dog. We have your and your vet’s contact information on hand and will notify you immediately.  

Peace of Mind - You’ll receive texts, maps, photos and more, that let you know that your dog is happy and safe while in our care.

Insurance - We are well insured - you can learn more here.  If you ask your neighbor’s child to walk your dog, guess who is liable if an unfortunate incident occurs?