How do you select PupWalkers and are they trained?

You can read more about this on our staff recruitment page here.

The two most important qualifications for a PupWalker are that they love dogs and that they are an experienced handler with many types and sizes of dogs.  

We only hire Pupwalkers that we would allow to enter our own homes to walk our own dogs. All of our PupWalkers have had clean background checks, provided references and passed a working & walking interview with Robin or Rob.

Then, there is the human side.  We want Pupwalkers to be excellent listeners so that they are able to follow detailed instructions and ask appropriate questions, if they are unsure.

Finally, we train and certify our PupWalkers in the areas of dog health & behavior, positive reinforcement training, and leash management. 

In summary, to walk dogs with us you’ll need to have:

  1. Experience with different breeds

  2. Demonstrated that you are a confident and knowledgeable handler

  3. Knowledge of positive reinforcement training techniques

  4. Nice interpersonal skills - we work with humans as well!

  5. Clean background - we will be running a check through a third party

  6. A car and a modern cell phone