Overnight dog sitting for just $75

Overnights ensure your dog is happy at your home, being cared for and getting normal exercise, food and sleep. In addition we are scooping poop, watering your plants, bringing in the mail and caring for your other pets.  Additional dogs at no extra charge!

  • We arrive at your home at about 6pm and stay overnight.
  • We take your friend for a walk in the evening.
  • We feed your dog at agreed times.
  • When your dog poops, we scoop! 
  • We leave in the morning after an early walk and feed.
  • We revisit during the day for another playdate and walk.
  • We bring in your mail and packages, water your plants and even take out your garbage.
  • Cats and other animals are no charge
  • We return and start again at about 6pm. 

The dogs love our overnights because:

  • They get to stay in their home with someone they know.
  • They have multiple walks each day