We help train your puppy

Have you have just brought a puppy into your home, or maybe you're thinking about getting a puppy?  

Our Puppy service is very popular.  For the same price as a walk, we visit your home twice during the day (morning and afternoon).  We take your pup out for a potty break and play with your new dog for a few minutes.  We also make sure water is in place and if there has been an accident, we'll clean up.

This is important for many reasons: 

  1. House training - Your dog will become house trained more quickly.
  2. Boredom - Your dog will have two short play dates while you're away.
  3. Exercise - Pup gets two play dates that your dog will love!
  4. Hygiene - If there is an accident- we'll sort it out versus you arriving hours later
  5. Socialization - your dog is meeting another person each day
  6. Safety - Your dog will have fresh water twice throughout the day 

Once pup is vaccinated and is ready, we can start taking him or her for a walk and helping their socialization as they safely  meet new places, things , people and dogs.