Services and Daily Rates (start at $15)

We cover the East and North Bay. Walk time is at least 30 minutes.  We walk one dog at a time unless you have two dogs or join a neighbor / friend. In that case you will only pay the per dog fee.

One Dog

We walk one dog at a time, providing a personalized service where we can play games and develop obedience skills and leash manners.  Each week, we do some gentle brushing.   Your dog will love this!  At the end of each walk we fill your pup’s water bowl and administer basic medication, if requested.

Two Dogs

Many of our clients either have two dogs or team up with neighbors and friends to have two dogs walked together. Why?  It's fun for your dog and saves you money too!  Instead of $23 per dog you pay $15.

Pup sitting

If you have a new puppy, or are thinking about bringing a young dog into your family, you know they require special care for those first few months.  We’ll be helping you with house training and avoiding those little accidents.

To reduce your pup's time alone our PupSitting service provides 2 “potty breaks” each day at 10am and 2pm.  These consist of a natural break and play session of about 15 minutes each.  

Once your pup is vaccinated, he or she will graduate to our 1:1 walks and we will focus on helping you socialize your new friend!   

All prices are per day and based upon monthly agreements.  They include in-walk training, weekly brushing, and end of walk water bowl refresh.  Unlike some walkers, our walk times mean the time we are with your pup, not traveling to your home.