You just joined - what next?

You've got the tee shirt, signed the agreement and you're ready to walk.  We hired you because of your expertise with dogs and you've brought the equipment you use to do your work.  So what is next?

Your area - We will assign you an area and you'll only walk dogs in your area.  This is different to other dog walking companies who often have walkers driving long distances between each walk. For example, if you walk in Novato, you'll only have clients there and Rob will work with you to make sure your daily schedule makes sense and tries to avoid you zig zagging your area.

Are the dogs safe? - We will check the dog's behavior and avoid potential issues.  You won't be walking dangerous dogs! if ever you have concerns, let your area leader know.

Your clients - once you have been assigned a client, they will remain your client until either you decide you can't walk them, or you leave.  If we can, we avoid switching clients and walkers.  It's better for you, the dogs and the clients.

Your schedule - .  When you joined us you let us know your weekly availability - many walkers are different and we do not insist that you walk full time.  For example, in Marin we have one walker with just one client (she likes it that way!).  We have another walking just Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Another can't walk after 2pm.  In your schedule, you'll see more similarity each week than difference.  If ever you have a question or concern please call your area leader.

Getting new clients - We'll call you if a new client surfaces in your area. The first question will be whether the clients needs matches your availability. Then we'll check that you want the extra walks. If you can't do it, that's OK.  Rob always tells new walkers that he'll keep adding new clients until you can't do any more :) 

Bottom line - We want you to be busy and happy. If ever you have a question - call!