Dogbone Meadow receives our latest donation

When one of our clients nominated the largest dog park in Marin to receive their donation - we were surprised.

We had believed that dog parks were run and funded by the city council.  However, in 1992 a group of residents formed a charity called DOGBONE to improve the lives of dogs in Novato.  Their big achievement was getting the city council to build a new dog park.  

They now raise money to help make the park a better place for the dogs and their owners.  

Now known as "The Friends of DogBone Meadow", they still buy agility and basic equipment, toys and even water troughs for the dogs.  You can meet them here.

Rob met with Courtney Flavin a volunteer and leader of the DogBone team.  She was amazed to hear about PupWalks and was delighted to receive this donation. She said it would make a "real difference to our plans in 2017". She also became our latest client!