Donating to Contra Costa Humane

We walk in Contra Costa county and recently our regional manager Kristine met with Cheryl Nickerson of Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill.

CCH is unusual in that they are a "kennel-less" shelter. All dogs in CCH care are living in foster homes. This means that dogs in their care will never become stressed by the shelter environment or miss valuable time living in real homes while preparing for their forever family.  


Cheryl also told us about a cool new program they run to make it easier for people to foster dogs by sharing the responsibility with other foster families. In short, each dog has a "foster team" that can trade off responsibility so that no single family feels overburdened when fostering becomes challenging (i.e. the foster family goes on vacation, needs a week off, etc).  

We were so delighted to meet this wonderful group at Contra Costa Humane and look forward to many more donations!