Helping the fire disaster

Given the recent devastation of the Camp Fire last month, and the resulting crisis for the dogs of Butte County, we wanted to help those dogs needing ongoing assistance from animal welfare organizations.   So many dogs and pets have yet to be reunited with their owners and loving dog owners that have lost their home are struggling to care for their beloved pets. 


One of the local rescues in the East Bay has made several trips to the area to offer assistance to homeless dogs there over the past month is BadRap (based in Oakland).  BadRap has another trip planned to Butte County the week of Christmas to donate much needed supplies to the dogs and their families.  

We are so happy to contribute to this effort!

To learn more about BadRap's work in Butte County please check out the link below:

Thank you for making this possible, we are so thrilled to be making a difference with you all!

Warmly,  Robin & Rob

(Photos are of donation supplies and custom jackets for the CampFire doggos!)