Why we never walk more than 2 dogs

We are very passionate about offering a personalized service for you and your dog. We feel strongly about this because group walks are one of the tricks other walkers use to get more money while offering a low quality walk to their clients. 

Why would they walk many dogs together?  

The main reason is to get more dollars. It’s all about the money, not the dogs.  If you can take four or more dogs at a time you’re increasing revenue quickly.  As many walkers have told us, “it’s a great way to make a living”.

Is it terrible for your dog?
Not always, but your dog is not getting much attention from your walker.  It is unlikely that the walker can train leash manners for multiple dogs simultaneously.  It can also be dangerous if one dog is not playing friendly, or worse still, the walker and your dog encounters another dog off leash.  Handling multiple dogs when an unfriendly dog approaches can be a recipe for disaster...We know that a personalized service for your dog is better than being dragged around in group. 

So what is personalized dog walking?
On each walk we are focused on your dog.  It’s a time for them to play, have fun, use their minds and get exercise.  When we take your dog for a walk, we will be talking to your dog, doing training routines to brush up their leash manners and behavior around people and other dogs. We’ll even do some light brushing and grooming each week.

What are the many benefits for your dog?
You know that your dog is unique and an individual.  If you’ve owned multiple dogs, you know just how different each dog was. Some dogs like to walk quickly, others need to smell everything, some want to play, others need work on shyness with people or other dogs.  Some are very well-trained and others are in need of continual structure and guidance.  We get to know your dog’s special needs and tailor our walk to them. 

We really are different!
We are passionate about giving your dog an amazing experience and giving you a high-quality service.  Like you, our clients and supporters, we are also passionate about helping homeless dogs stuck in shelters.