Are all Dog Walkers Reliable and Professional?


We are using an exciting new technology that our clients love. Using your cell phone, you can see when we started the walk, when we finished and exactly where we went.  Check out this walk that Rob did last week. The paw prints track his walk!  This was our $20 forty five minute walk. 

Many dog walkers are excellent, but we keep hearing horror stories from our clients about their former dog-walkers. This is just from recent weeks!

One of our clients told us that she was sick and off work when her front door opened.  Naturally, she assumed it would be the lady who she hired to walk her dog.  Instead, an unknown man came through the door. She asked what he was doing there and he calmly announced that HE was the dog walker.  He explained that he’d been walking her dog for several weeks! She had no idea that her hired dog walker had allowed this unknown man to be accessing her home!

Another client told us that her neighbor phoned and told her that they had repeatedly watched the dog walker arrive, take her dog out to pee and poop for 5 minutes and then put the dog back inside and leave. She wasn’t walking the dog at all!

A family told us that they had been at home one day and the dog walker never arrived. When they phoned the dog walker, the reply was “Ooops, busted!”

At PupWalks we use a new technology that eliminates all of these issues.  When we arrive at your home, your walker uses their phone to scan a magnetic barcode (usually placed on your fridge). The scan sends you an email at the start and end of each walk!  You see when we arrive, when we leave and even a map showing exactly where we walked, with paw prints on our trail!  We take photos and write notes about each walk. Our walkers are not interchangeable and the person who is your walker remains your assigned walker! 

Our clients love this and tell us how much they enjoy getting their emails and seeing what their dog has been up to.

There are some great dog walkers. We think you should know exactly what’s going on and that you and your dog are getting what you paid for!