Orphan Dog is our monthly donation

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As well as running Bay Area Pup Walks we both volunteer for dog rescue groups like Orphan Dog.  Rob was at his event in Danville in the morning and then drove over to meet Karen and the team in the rain.... before walking Nico in the evening... a real doggie day.

Karen introduced Rob to Tundra who has ACL issues. Our donation will be going towards getting him back on his feet.  Rescue is an expensive business.

Orphan Dog is a volunteer based rescue group that has saved over 3,000 dogs.  Today we met with Karen Schaver and the team at Orphan Dog at one of their adoption events.

Several of our clients had nominated Karen and the team and their name came out in this months draw.  We have known Karen for quite a while and phoned her this week to give her the news. We had agreed with Karen to meet today.

Tundra needs work on his ACL

Tundra needs work on his ACL

Thanks to all of you, our clients, because without you we couldn't have helped Tundra.