Five tips for taking great pictures of your dog

We post pictures of our doggie friends and often send them to our clients.  We cannot tell you how many times we’ve had people ask how to take photos like that. So just before Thanksgiving we thought it would be nice to share five secrets that will help you get better pictures of your loves ones.

Nice cameras and lenses help, however, modern cell phones can take some amazing shots if you follow these easy tips.  All these snaps were taken with a phone on our walks. 


1) Get down and dirty
In many cases your dog will look better if you have the camera at eye level.  Peer into their eyes and catch their expressions.  We see many shots taken from 5-6 feet at human eye level.  They will make your dog appear small and distant. Get on our haunches or even lie down. This also engages your dog better.  Wolfie weighs 15 pounds and looks great in this shot.

2) The sun
In California we are blessed with great light. Try to avoid the sun being directly behind your dog as your phone will expose the bright light behind your dog and he or she will be in shadows! Hint, the best light is called the "Golden Hour”  and occurs about one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.  The light is softer and more flattering than mid day.


3) Look at your surroundings
Try and avoid a telegraph pole right behind your dog’s head. Or something in the image that will detract from your star - your dog! That five second look around will make the difference between an average and a great shot! See if you can use colors to highlight your dog.  Kitsu looks lovely next to the fall leaves!

4) Treats and squeakers
Your dog will be interested in the treats and pay more attention.  We carry a small $1 kids squeaker and this creates some wonderful expressions!


5) Heads or bodies?
Make a choice between a head shot or full body portrait.  In general these will be better than a picture that cuts off the paws or the back half of your dog.  This head portrait of Lucy has a lovely background as well. Check out her eye, you can actually see Rob in the reflection!

We hope this was useful and you get some great pictures of your dog over the Holidays